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How To Navigate Menopause With Ease & Grace
"Discover the Secrets That
Transformed My Journey & Let Me
Guide You Through Yours!"

This Is Your Unique Magical Meadow Where Brilliance Can Blossom And Your Menopause Journey Is Beautiful Beyond Measure


Founder Of Blossoming Brilliance

Bernadette Bennison

What People Are Saying!

These are 100% real experiences from Bernadette's Teachings and Mentorship Programs


Deborah's Story

I had cancer in the womb and had to have a full hysterectomy, so that sent me into another very different menopause from my first one.


Bernadette's guidance and support was invaluable and I know that many women will have the same experiences and others very different ones but sharing them and supporting each other is one thing I had from my friend.

VanessaProfile x4 +deblur.jpg

Vanessa's Story

The first session with Bernadette has already yielded results, it was as if my creative essence was given a light filled space… a holding in such a sensitive nuanced way. Bernadette listened, beyond words with her heart and intuition, with skills she has uniquely formed over many years of practice. She helped me to identify my own unique treasures and bring them forth. 

Every week I look forward to our sessions and can visibly see and feel the effects of having this very unique and understanding mentoring.


Become The Captain Of Your Menopause Ship!

If you find yourself suffering from any of the following:

  • No clear structure & total uncertainty. 

  • You're at the mercy of your menopause symptoms. 

  • You’re lost in a ‘storm’, leading to a decline in your quality of life and overall happiness.

  • No plan to follow and total confusion. 

You may be experiencing ‘Hormonal Havoc’ and Bernadette can help you!

viviencropped (1).jpg

Vivien's Story

Bernadette is one of the most energetic, empathetic and compassionate people I know, but with that she is also extremely positive, hardworking and focused on anything she sets her mind to.


She is without a doubt someone that can be trusted and depended on in any given situation and certainly someone I have been able to confide in and rely on many times.

As a support for women going through a very difficult period in their life, Bernadette will 100% be invaluable to them.

What's on the inside?

Our membership service offers personalized and comprehensive support to help each member feel better and more in control of their menopause journey. With a holistic approach to menopause management, members can look forward to a healthier, happier future.

Weekly Live Group Calls With Bernadette with Q&A session

Access to a comprehensive Sacred Steps Video Library

Your very own Soul Pledge mantra to get your day started off right

Become part of the empowering Harmony Circle membership group

It’s okay if you are fearful! Usually the greatest reward is behind the scariest door!

Menopause can be a frightening time for many women with symptoms which create exhaustion, chaos and confusion, not only for the women but often for her family too. Marriages can suffer during this big life change leaving the woman feeling very isolated and unsupported and this can lead to the breakdown of relationships. Blossoming Brilliance provides the support needed with weekly coaching calls, wellbeing rebalancing, meditation and mindfulness techniques.

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